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Mário Filipe Patricio das Neves was born on January 17, 1983, in Lisbon, Portugal. Son of Maria Cremilde Neves and Valdemar Neves. He has a brother Paulo Neves.

Mário Neves is an actor, director, writer and producer living in Perth, Scotland since August, 2009. Since his 9 years old Mário start having passion for acting doing some short videos with his parents video camera until meet his friend Samuel Horta nearly with 12 years old and both shared the same passion producing and directing amateur films.

Over the years Mario has continued to improve his talent attending some TV series in some episodes, but still doing amateur films until 2006 with 26 years old.

In 2006 Mário decided to be part of a local theatre and having some classes of theatrical expression to improve more his acting techniques.

On the beginning of 2012 Mário Neves start writing his first screenplay and learning by itself Digital Video Editing and Visual Special Effects creating short videos to develop more his own skills and talent for a future films.

In September, 2012 Mário Neves funded his own company working has a freelancer and named by MFN Productions that had his first project has a Producer, Director of Photography and Video Editor with a film Overtoun that began to be filmed in March 2013.



Mario Filipe Neves

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